From Idea to Market


Genesis Technology aims to provide complete solution for our each client, with rich experience on project management, we help client from the very beginning to the end of projects. The following information is to provide expertise idea for your reference:

Material Recommendation
Genesis has decades of knowledge and experience working with all types of plastics.Our engineers have rich experience on Plastic Material Selection Studies for a multitude of applications, such as medical, automotive, military, technology, and a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. Click here for more information.

Risk Control
Tools like CAE simulation are implemented at the conceptual stage of a project. This way, errors are detected in the developmental phase rather than after molding multiple prototypes which are costly and time consuming. As a result, an attempt is made to answer questions about the performance of a product before it’s actually built.

Help customer adjust product wall thickness reasonably, and discover the best balance point of product quality and production costs.
Predict appearance defects of product including welding mark, gas traces and air trapping, etc., foresee and control them on the mold.
Predict product deformation, help customers improve product assembly structure; make design to prevent mold deformation.
Arrange plastic material feeding and cooling systems reasonably to achieve optimum process effect and minimum input.
Provide optimum process parameters of production; help customers solve manufacturing problems concerning mold injection

Cost Control
Genesis offers competitive price, trying to reduce mold cost by optimizing mold design, selecting suitable material.
Many things contribute to mold cost,the biggest factor probably is the complexity of the part as well as the size of the part. With rich experience,Genesis contribute to simplify structure of mold, improve product design ,in order to reduce cost for clients.